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Less is often more. Unless you are Elton John or Freddie Mercury. Then you do you. We strive to make your site clean, responsive and user friendly.


Web design is more than just building beautiful websites. Your website should be able to solve problems and make your life easier.



We offer site security and maintenance plans so that you can rest easy knowing your site will be well maintained and secure.

Website Design

Click below to see what is included in our custom websites. This will give you an idea of the features that come standard. Lucky for you, WordPress also offers numerous add-ons to help take your site to the next level. Contact for pricing.

Care Plans

We understand that your website is an important investment. We want to help ensure that your site is always looking fresh and functioning like it should so that you can remain focused on your work. Click below for pricing.


Web Designer

Tyler loves to design with some good tunes and a cup of tea. He has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and somehow landed in the medical field in practice management and later billing. His creative drive led to the launch of TK Photo Video with Kyle in 2013, which was also when he built his first website. He has been tinkering with different aspects of web design and development for years and decided it was time to put it all together. Outside of design, he loves to cook, read, play guitar and is slightly addicted to houseplants and saltwater aquariums.


Web Designer

Kyle requires at least one cup of coffee in the morning to function. He takes pride in his ability to brew the perfect cup of joe. When he isn’t teaching high school math, he is learning the ropes of web design. He loves Nintendo, the Yankees and everything Apple. He enjoys keeping up with the latest technology and is always on the hunt for a deal. He is excited to dig into web design and keep up with all the rapid changes in the industry.

5 Effective Homepage Tips

Your homepage is where it all starts. It's the first thing that your clients will see. We want to help you create a good and meaningful first impression. We will also help make sure your site is looking spiffy because that never hurts. Here are 5 homepage tips that we...

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Responsive Design

What is Responsive Design? Have you ever been to a website that looked awesome on a computer but less than awesome on a phone? So have we. Frustrating isn't it? If you've ever tried filling out a contact form that is partially cutoff with a ghost 'submit' button, you...

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Getting Started

Why Current Blue Design? I'm fascinated by the ocean. It's a bit ironic because I live in Nebraska and couldn't be farther away. Yet I've always found myself drawn to it. The beach is my happy place. As I was dreaming about this business, I was gazing at my saltwater...

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