Getting Started

Why Current Blue Design?

I’m fascinated by the ocean. It’s a bit ironic because I live in Nebraska and couldn’t be farther away. Yet I’ve always found myself drawn to it. The beach is my happy place. As I was dreaming about this business, I was gazing at my saltwater tank (yes, I’m desperate for ocean here) and thought it was a cool analogy for web design. Ocean currents are incredibly powerful and are a product of many different outside forces working together for a very important purpose. I think this is a great analogy for building a beautiful, purposeful website in a world full of influences, voices and critics.

Why Web Design?

I feel like web design has been this distant siren beckoning for years (ocean pun intended), but it took a bit for all the pieces to really come together. I’ve always been drawn to design on some level. It started with designing living spaces within my home to be inviting, cozy, simple, refreshing and motivating. Design just has this way of influencing and motivating me in small and big ways. I like things to be clean, simple and useful. I guess you could call me a minimalist. My love for designing spaces gradually expanded to web design and I started to realize that many of the same principles apply. Beautifully designed websites can be incredibly moving and powerful. They can inspire us, connect us, and leave a lasting impression…and I believe that first impressions are important. I’m excited to learn and grow in this rapidly changing industry and help clients navigate the waters as well.

When did you start?

It’s complicated. My first experience with building a website was in 2013 when we were launching TK Photo Video. We had no idea how to build a website and spent lots of time on Google and Youtube learning from scratch. As I got more comfortable with it, I built a website for the medical clinic that I was managing at the time. I realized that web design combines many of my passions in design, photo, video, problem solving and working with people. I’ve learned a lot through online courses, especially Break Into Web which was really the catalyst for making this business a reality. I’m amazed at how quickly the industry has changed since we built that first website and I’m really excited to learn and grow in this space.