5 Effective Homepage Tips

Your homepage is where it all starts. It’s the first thing that your clients will see. We want to help you create a good and meaningful first impression. We will also help make sure your site is looking spiffy because that never hurts. Here are 5 homepage tips that we believe will help you put your best foot forward:


1. Statement of Services

Have you ever tried to sum up what you offer in one sentence? It’s hard. Actually, it’s really hard. Think of your homepage like a resume. How can you convey the most amount of information in the fewest words? People are looking for a clear, concise, and quick summary of what you are offering. Develop that sentence and display it prominently on your homepage.


2. High Quality Images

Remember the looking spiffy part? Well, we don’t know exactly how to say this, but we can only do so much. Believe us when we say that your site will only be as good as your images. We encourage you to invest in professional pictures, logo design, and branding. This will greatly enhance your website and your first impression.


3. Contact Info

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important. Make sure your contact information is easy to find. Traditionally it is located on the bottom of the page or even in the footer, but there are many ways to make this more (or less) prominent depending on your main goal. We can also strategically plan elements throughout the page that will point people towards your contact information.


4. Testimonials

Have you ever been handed a slip of paper from your doctor asking you to please leave a review? We have. Might be kind of awkward at times, but it’s because reviews are important and matter in today’s world. Many of us jump on Google as we look for places to eat or explore. Find ways to capture client reviews and proudly display them on your homepage. Congrats, your credibility just leveled up.


5. Call to Action

This can be an easy one to overlook. Sometimes there is so much focus on what your business offers that you forget what you actually want clients to do. Should they contact you? Do they buy a product? Is there a form to fill out? We can help you strategize your website so that it clearly directs clients to take that important next step.


We believe every website should be useful.